Philips Achieva 1.5T XR MRI System

The Achieva 1.5T XR by Philips is the only 1.5T MRI system that can be upgraded to a 3.0T without swapping the magnet. This allows a clinic or hospital to install an advanced 1.5T system for use today and providing the flexibility to transition into a 3.0T MRI system in the future. This MRI system also provides physicians a simple way to transition to 3.0T that makes economic sense. It is more cost effective and efficient than a traditional “forklift” upgrade, which requires system down time, possible construction and the “heavy lifting” associated with room reconfigurations to install a new magnet, power system and gradients.

The Achieva 1.5T XR is equipped with proven X-series technology. It provides high resolution at maximum speed to cover advanced applications. This MRI system includes all of the advanced tools and features of the Achieva 1.5T (SmartExam, expanded multi-channel SENSE coil portfolio, & FreeWave platform) plus much of the same sophisticated technology of the Acheiva 3.0T X series.

Philips Achieva 1.5T XR Product Description

  • Easy, advanced viewing & processing tools
  • Easy and economic transition to 3T
  • Same basic look and dimensions as the 3T system
  • Zero cryogen boil-off

Clinical Applications

  • SmartExam – Available for Brain, Spine, Knee, Shoulder and Breast
  • SENSE parallel imaging

For more information on the Philips Achieva 1.5T XR MRI system, contact Philips MRI Equipment. We can provide high quality MRI equipment at the right price for your clinic.

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