Philips Panorama HFO MRI System

36627_Philips-Panorama-High-Field-Open-(HFO)-MR_tmbThe Panorama HFO by Philips is a high field open MRI scanner that is appealing to both physicians and their patients. This Philips MRI system has a wide-open design that delivers high image quality. It provides a 360 degree panoramic viewing angle with a 160 cm wide patient aperture to provide patients with a comfortable and relaxing exam. This MRI system has the capabilities for the clinical applications that are not possible with the cylindrical systems.

The Panorama HFO MRI has been designed around a patients needs. It is equipped with Solenoid Technology coils that provide more SNR and more coverage which means more comfort for the patient. For large patients, they can be accommodated with an integrated body coil. This wide open design on this system allows for a parent to lie next to their child during an exam.

Philips Panorama HFO Product Description

  • Provides 3 times the amount of patient space than cylindrical high field
  • Fast and accurate scanning
  • Compatible with SENSE
  • Allows for sideways scanning of patient
  • Open line of sight allows physician interaction during exam

Clinical Applications

  • SmartExam
  • 4D-BLISS

For more information on the Philips Panorama HFO MRI system, contact Philips MRI Equipment. We can provide high quality MRI equipment at the right price for your clinic.

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